Harvest faster while increasing bushels!

Farming low-podded crops?

The next generation of draper header innovation has arrived and it brings the design and speed you’ve always deserved.

The future of flex headers features sensors and air suspension that allow the header to shave the ground, picking up more of your peas, lentils and soybeans. The AirFLEX is lightweight yet durable, sophisticated yet easy to use. Switch from flex to rigid mode with the push of a button, allowing you to harvest other crops like canola. Crafted on the farm, the AirFLEX brings you a combination of thoughtful design, high-performance and simplicity.

The Honey Bee AirFLEX is light weight, fast and built to last.



Fully Flexible Cutterbar, Adjustable Air Suspension and Optimized Header Height System

The AirFLEX can be used in flex or rigid mode with a simple push of a button in the cab. In rigid mode, the cutterbar is inflexible; the ideal setting for cereals. In flex mode, the AirFLEX shaves the ground and is ideal for soybeans, peas and lentils. The air suspension is light, fast-reacting and infinitely adjustable. The Optimized Header Height System always keeps the header at the perfect height in all terrains and in both cutting modes.

Easy to Operate

The AUTOMATIX system is an advanced control panel delivering simple and complete control of the AirFLEX.

High Performance Rigid Mode

The no-compromise rigid cutterbar is optimized for off-ground cutting. No gauge wheels are required.

Precision Gauge Wheels

Working with the subframe suspension in rigid mode, gauge wheels achieve a quicker and more accurate header height response.

Transport System

The AirFLEX transport wheels are designed to be there when you need them and off for harvest. They’re self-aligning and can be mounted in five minutes.

Honey Bee Draper Shield

The draper shield efficiently provides and promotes unrestricted crop flow to the centre deck without power, moving parts or adjustment.

Cross Auger

A hydraulic cross auger is available to assist in material flow from the drapers to the feed auger. It replaces the draper shield and adjusts for bulky and tangled crops like peas and mustard.


The AirFLEX allows greater precision at higher speeds. You’ll pick up the entire crop while covering more acres at a pace that will surprise you.

Fully Synchronized, Centrally Driven Knives

The smooth operating knife drive provides powerful cutting action and increased durability, while enabling a lighter and more streamlined crop divider.

Honey Bee High Performance Reel

The custom built, fully adjustable reel ranges from gentle to aggressive with unlimited finger spacing options to leave no crop behind.

Reversible Mechanical Drive

For maximum convenience and efficiency, you can remove plugged crops directly from the cab of your combine. The drapers, knife drive and feed auger run reverse with the combine.

High Performance Drapers

The new draper tensioning system provides smooth, consistent operation regardless of what crop you’re harvesting.

Testimonials – What Farmers Are Saying?

“Overall, I’m going to say that the header is above anything that I have run personally. It’s simple yet it does exactly what you want it to do. It’s not a complicated head; it’s not complicated electronically or mechanically. They’ve done a good job of keeping it simple so its maintenance over time is going to be easy. I don’t think that’s going to be an expensive header to keep operating.”

Bruce Baldwin

Kalvesta, Kansas

“My first impression was ‘finally.’ Finally something that works. I find that the industry has been way behind. There have been incremental changes over the years, but the header technology was not keeping pace with the combine technology. There hasn't been a step change in the technology in this industry in a long time, and this is the first time i've seen it.”

Jordan Kambeitz

Sedley, Saskatchewan

“I really like it. It’s nice to see something that’s being made now that is simple, easy to maintain and lighter, which seems like a good thing to me in a header. To me it seems like a really good, simple, well-made header. It worked very well in challenging conditions. And the faster you went, the better it worked.”

Shaun Dyrland

Kyle, Saskatchewan

“In ideal conditions, I could go seven miles per hour no problem while flexing 40-bushel soybeans with 40 feet of cutting, which is awesome. You’re getting serious acres done in a day. If we had two AirFLEX headers this year, we would have been done a week earlier.”

Mike Penner

Halbstadt, Manitoba