RDC Grain Belt


RDX Grain Belt

A Rigid Draper Header Design That's Cutting Edge

The RDX Grain Belt is changing the future of the rigid draper header industry. By starting with the popular AirFLEX design, our team of Honey Bee engineers achieved a rigid, single platform draper header that’s faster than ever before.

We’ve reduced hydraulic components, increased the size of the feeder house to add feeding capacity, moved the knives closer to the ground for a super low cut, and added a mechanical drive for simplicity and power.

The Honey Bee RDX Grain Belt: More power when you need it.



Full synchronized, Centrally Driven Knives

The smooth-operating knife drive provides powerful cutting action and increased durability. An optional low-cut system offers a lower profile knife for tough cutting conditions.

Reversible Mechanical Drive

For maximum convenience and efficiency, you can unplug your combine directly from the cab. The drapers, knife drive and feed auger run reverse with the combine.

Honey Bee High Performance Reel

The custom built, fully adjustable reel ranges from gentle to aggressive with unlimited finger spacing options to leave no crop behind. The optional cam reel offers a more aggressive grab and a better release of the crop for optimal feeding.

Precision Gauge Wheels

Working with the subframe suspension, gauge wheels achieve a quick and accurate header height response that is extremely robust and reliable.

Transport System

Put your header into transport mode in five minutes. The self-aligning transport system is designed to be there when you need it and off for harvest.